TOMUN 2020

22nd - 24th January 2020
ITCILO - International Training Centre of the ILO

What's MUN

Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate students about civics, current events, effective communication, globalization and multilateral diplomacy.

Over the past three years, IST has organized and hosted the TOMUN (Turin Model United Nations) conference. Each year the conference is held at the United Nations campus in Turin in partnership with the International Labour Organization.


Within MUN students take on roles as delegates and ambassadors and participate in a simulated session of an intergovernmental organization. Students will research countries, take on roles as diplomats and ambassadors, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, negotiate and then develop solutions to world problems.


Delegates work in their committees and try to lobby, create and vote on clauses ready for resolutions. They then work in the General Assembly to try and pass their resolutions. The MUN club at IST meets once a week and is an excellent platform for students to develop their sense of internationalism and raise awareness of important world issues.


It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet other internationally minded students from around the world.


The Schedule

Wednesday, January 22nd

08:30h - 09:30h: Registration of Participants

09:30h - 10:15h: Opening Ceremony

10:15h - 10:30h: Refreshments

10:30h - 12:15h: Committees in Session 1

12:15h - 13:30h: Staggered Lunch

13:30h - 15:15h: Committees in Session 2

15:15h - 16:00h: Staggered Refreshments 

16:00h - 17:00h: Committees in Session 3

Thursday, January 23rd 

09:00h - 10:15h: Committees in Session 4

10:15h - 10:30h: Staggered Refreshments

10:30h - 12:30h: Committees in Session 5

12:30h - 13:45h: Staggered Lunch

13:45h - 15:15h: Committees in Session 6

15:15h - 16:00h: Staggered Refreshments

16:00h - 17:00h: Committees in Session 7

19:00h - 22:00h: Social Event

Friday, January 24th 

09:00h - 10:15h: General Assembly

10:15h - 10:30h: Staggered Refreshments 

10:30h - 12:30h: General Assembly

12:30h - 13:45h: Lunch

13:45h - 15:15h: General Assembly

15:15h - 16:00h: Refreshments 

16:00h - 17:00h: Closing Ceremony



Please see the categories below: 
  • Disarmament + Security: 
        - The question of countering the threat posed by improvised explosive devices.

        - The question of implementing measure to prevent terrorists from acquiring

        radioactive sources.

  • Environmental: 
        - The question of ensuring the safe disposal of uranium.

        - The question of reducing single use plastic products pollution.

  • Special Political + Decolonization: 
        - The question of ensuring the peaceful uses of outer space.

        - The question of ensuring the human rights of the peoples of the

        non-self-governing territories.

  • Social, Humanitarian + Cultural: 
        - The question of improving internet security to prevent cybercrime.

        - The question of improving the coordination of efforts to address and counter

        the world drug problem.

  • General Assembly: 

        - Eradicating hunger and ensuring a sustainable food system.




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